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WC67Y-80T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake


. Overall welded and processed structure.

. Closed loop control mode composed of electric-hydraulic servo valve and measure ruler.

. Ensure the highest control precision, bending accuracy and repositioning accuracy are also reach to the highest level.
. Back gauge mechanism can be multi-axes controlled.

. Integrated hydraulic system decreases the pipe connections, oil leakage, and increases the stability and overall beautifies.

. Worktable equipped with hydraulic and mechanical compensation to avoid the deformed upper beam from affecting the quality of the work piece, it is automatically adjusted by the CNC controller with convenient and accuracy.

. CNC controller normally uses Holland DELEM, Italy ESA, Swiss CYBELEC, all with multi-languages.

Standard Configuration:

. Left/Right Protective Guard
-- Protective guard installed both in left and right to protect safety of operators


. Overall Welding
-- Integral welding front worktable and machine body guarantees that there are no seam between front worktable vertical plate and bilateral vertical plates

Back View

. Siemens Motor
-- Using Siemens motor guarantees the machine service life, and reduce the noise when working

. Oil Gauge
-- The oil tank is equipped with an oil gauge

Taiwan HIWIN Ball Screw
-- High precise backgauge is equipped with fine ball screw and polished rod
-- Backgauge adopts horizontal installation shell structure with high stability, single shell double guide rail, high precision, X-axis drive, automatic CNC system

Quick Clamp
-- Mechanical quick clamps, reducing die-exchanging time

42CrMo Toolings
--Press brake toolings are made from 42CrMo materials with hardness up to 42 degrees to ensuring die service life

Multi-V Lower Dies
--Standard multi-V lower diesm varying V-groove shape and outline size are avaliable, convenient for exchanging dies, capable for bending regular plates, with high cost performance

Travel Switch and Electric box with power-off protection
-- During machine working time, somebody open the electric box, machine will stop immediately.



NO. Name Optional  Specification Standard Accessories
1 Main Motor Siemens      Germany Jiangsu     Top in China
2 Electronics Schneider     Germany Chint        Top in China
3 Gasket ring NOK          Japan NOK        Japan
4 Hydraulic system (Valves ) Bosch Rexroth  Germany Xinli/Jianhua  Top in China
5 Controller Optional Estun or Delem          Optional
6 Ball screw and Line guide rail HIWIN          Taiwan Top in China
7 Gear pump Bosch Rexroth   Germany Top in China
8 Hudro –Cylinder Yu Hua         Top in China Yu Hua      Top in China
9 Control button and limit switch Schneider      Germany   Top in China
10 Tubing connector EMB          Germany   Top in China
Accessories with machine
1 Front supporting arms 2 sets
2 Oil Gun 1 set
3 Foot switch 1 set
4 Backgauge stop finger 3 sets
5 Foundation bolts 4 sets
6 Toolings for installation and maintenance 1 set
7 Operation instructions and diagram 1 book 

Technical Specifications:

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