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QC12K-6x3200 CNC Shearing Machine

Main Features

1.Sheet plate welded structure is adopted,with hydraulic transmission and accumulator return,typical of an easy operation,reliable performance,and nice appearance.
2.Indication by indicator is provided for adjustment of blade clearance,for a handy and prompy adjustment.
3.Alignment device with lighting and control device for shearing stroke are set,with a handy and prompt adjustment.
4.Rolling material support ball is provided,to minimize fish tail with sheet bar and to reduce frictional resistance.
5.The rear stopper is fitted with electric adjustment and manual adjustment devices,and digital display device is available for display of size of stopper and times of shearing.
6.The main engine uses the QC12K series type,equips simple CNC system
7.Has the rear bumper material position numerical code to demonstrate soft spacing;one-way positioning;gap prompt,and qutomatic count for cutting times
8. The backgauge is equipped with encoder,coordinated nummerical code display system,which make the demonstration of backgauge position more accurate,thus further enhance the cutting precision.

QC12K-6x3200 cnc shearing machine with DAC310 Controller

FAQ and Serivice:

1. Installation Service
Installation Services are available with all Accurl machines. We dispatch technician to customer's factory for installation and preoperation of machines. ( Customers only need to pay the airfare and hotel )
2.Training Service
Our technician is available to your factory and offer training of how to use our machines. As well, you may send your technician to our company to learn how to operate machines.
3.Quality Guarantee
We guarantee the quality of machine (e.g. processing speed and working performance is the same as the data of samples making). We sign the agreement with detailed technical data.
We arrange final test before shipment. We run the machine for a few days, and then use customer's materials for test. After making sure machine is the best performance, then make shipments.
4.Fast&Delivery:We have big discount from forwarder(Long Contract).

Optional numeric system(Standard Configuration):



      Backguage control, control for general AC motors,frequency inverter.

      Intelligent positioning, Double programming digital output, Stock counter.

      Program memory of up to 40 program up to 25 steps per program.

      One side positionong, Retract function.

      mm / Onch, Chinese / English.



     Control technology of single axis numerical control system.

     Electric rear gear automatic positioning

     Entire Chinese operation contact surface, direct-viewing simple.

     The multi-channel proced ure moves auto matically, procedure and procedure step link.


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