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30T1600 Press Brake

1. Machine Charactristcs

-- The machine is equipped with hydraulic electric control, freely adjustable slider travels and inching, semi-automatic, automatic operating criterion convenient for module trial and adjustment.

-- Up-move type bending design,pair oil cylinders working simultaneously, balanced operation,convenient,and safety.

-- With function of keeping pressure and delay time on lower dead spot, to assure the accuracy of work pieces.

-- Under the national standard conditions, the accuracy of bending angle can up to ±45´.

-- With function of slow decline, operator can control work pieces better.


2. Hydraulic system

-- Hydraulic system may realize quick decline, slow decline, working speed bending, quick return travel and sudden slider stop in the process of up and down etc.

-- Quality pump can stand high pressure, and low noise.

-- Sealing rings from Japanese NOK, with good sealing performance, reliable working, and long life.

-- The machine can work continuously under rated burden, hydraulic system has no divulgence, continue and steady, high accuracy.


 3. Standard equipped with NC Controller (E21)

     -- ESTUN E21 is a simple CNC control system designed to replace ESTUN E200 with lower price.

   -- ESTUN is jointed company by HOLLAND DELEM AND CHINA ESTUN 
   -- ESTUN E21can control X axis working into position accurately
   -- ESTUN E21 will work better accompany with FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER. FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER is not the standard components, optional.
   -- Can program the software for future usage and has memory
   -- Programmable 40 Jobs, each job has 25 Steps;
   -- Can set up different steps in one program.
   -- Timer can control the bending time
   -- Control X/Y two axis

  Optional Controller: Estun-E200,E210; Delem-DA41; Cybelc-Cybertouch 6; Wonder-ENC600.

4. Main Equipment

30T1600 cnc press brake  whole structure

Tain HIWIN ball screw and linear guide, stop finger, mechanical R axis

Back  view of 30T1600 press brake

side view of 30T1600 press brake

CNC lower die for 30T1600 press brake

Main motor, pump, valve

stop finger for 30T1600 press brake, manual R axis


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