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CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine

Main features:

1. The second generation of shear.
2. Welded steel plate struture, hearing to eliminate stress, with high strength and good rigidity.
3. Advanced integtated hydraulic system with excellent reliabitity quality.
4. Rapidly, accurately and conveniently adjusting the blade clearance with the handwheel.
5. The adjustable rake angle can minimize plate deformation.
6. As the cutting beam has been designed in inner-inclined structure, it is easy for plates

to fall down and the accuracy of products can also guaranteed.
7. Shearing in sections, shadow-line cutting.
8. Counter for the motor-driven back gauge.
9. Back carrier(optional).


Technical parameters (dimension can be customized):



cutting thickness


cutting length


travel times


cutting angel

throat depth


motor power





6x2500 6 2500 14 0.5°~2° 80 7.5 3100x1725x1960
8x3200 8 3200 12 0.5°~2° 80 11 3850x1750x1980
10x5000 10 5000 5 0.5°~2°30′ 120 15 5905x2115x2715
12x2500 12 2500 10 0.5°~2°30′ 120 18.5 3195x1800x2210
16x4000 16 4000 6 0.5°~2°30′ 120 30 4715x1950x2590
20x3200 20 3200 5 0.5°~3° 120 30 4120x1890x2780
25x4000 25 4000 3 0.5°~3.5° 120 37 4950x2200x3150
30x2500 30 2500 4 1°~3.5° 120 45 3435x2020x2770

CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine

12x3200 CNC Guillotine shearing machine whole structure

Our Factory

Why Choose Us?


1.Our guarantee time is 14 months from B/L Date ,If any component is damaged during guarantee time, we can send the component to the customer By DHL,TNT freely .


2.Our factory can send our engineer to the customer’s factory install, commission and training freely .The customer provide the double trip tickets, food and accommodation for our engineer. The customer also can send the engineer to our factory to learn the operation and maintains freely


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